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Our solutions are as various as our customer's needs. Each site is customized to your needs, we don't work off of templates.



First thing is first: Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Period. Word of mouth advertising is important to us, so we would never try to force something on you that you did not like. That's just bad business practice. We look forward to working with our customers, and we will accept your input along the way. When we say that each site is customized to our customers, we mean it. Even though our low prices suggest otherwise, we're not plugging your company info into a template. When we say that we're a full service web design firm, we mean it....with an emphasis on "service".



We won't leave you guessing. We have three main pricing levels:

- Mobile Website - Starting at $499

  • Up to 6 pages included (additional pages at additional cost)
  • Custom Design
  • Support to redirect your full site to your mobile site as required
  • Discounts offered when purchasing both a full and mobile site
  • Sample sites: Walnut Creek Dentist

- Informational Website - Starting at $799

- Custom Dynamic Website - Starting at $1,399

  • No page limit
  • Database driven (MS SQL Server)
  • Includes password protected Web based admin tool for adding, removing, or modifying data
  • Perfect for those who have constantly evolving information and want to populate their site from a database (but do not want or need to sell goods online)
  • Great for Real Estate Agencies, Medical Offices, High End Retailers, Contractors, Restaurants, etc.
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom Layout and Design
  • Domain and Hosting setup and support
  • Sample site: International Securities Exchange

- E-Commerce Website - Starting at $1,599

  • No page limit
  • Database driven (MS SQL Server)
  • Paypal payment gateway
  • Unlimited number of products (includes input for up to 30 products)
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom Layout and Design
  • Domain and Hosting setup and support
  • Optional: Password protected Web based admin tool for adding, removing, or modifying products
  • Sample sites: Armstrong Records,

Even though we say "Starting at...", rest assured that you can get a full mobile site for $499, a full informational site for $799, a full custom dynamic site for $1,399, and a complete E-Commerce site for $1,599. Again, why are we so inexpensive? Because we can be. Don't worry, with over 16 years of web design and development experience, you will not be settling for a second rate product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Keep in mind that we develop both Internet and Intranet solutions. Some businesses have internal information management needs for their company, information that the outside world should never see. Before purchasing an expensive software package that is essentially a 'one trick pony', check with us. We can build a customized, scalable, fully searchable web based platform for any number of issues, including but not limited to:

  • personnel database management
  • medical file database management
  • customer information database (mailing lists, active and previous clients, etc.)
  • inventory database management
  • and many, many more....

Contact us if you'd like more information or if you have any questions.



It has never been more important to have a mobile friendly website. Approximately half of all web based searches are done from mobile devices, a number that is growing annually, and your search engine rankings will suffer if you do not have a mobile website. We can get build you a mobile website that reflects the content of your full site, or if you don't have a full site we can build you a stand alone mobile site. Be sure to ask about our discounts when purchasing both a full and mobile site from us.



We currently offer the following special packages:

Please keep an eye on this section as we add more special package options to our offerings.



What is SEO exactly? Short for 'Search Engine Optimization', optimizing your website for the search engines will help your site get discovered. You do want people to be able to find your site don't you? There are certain techniques that you can do to help boost your search engine ranking. Can we guarantee that you will be #1 in Google? No, but we can guarantee that your site will be optimized for whatever keywords you think people will use to try to find you.

We offer SEO services for people who have existing websites but want to try to boost its visibility. If you are in need of SEO services, please contact us for a quote.


Any questions? Ready to get your site rolling? Contact us today!


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