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These days, many people will not go to a restaurant unless they can view their menu first. Many people have certain food specific limitations that require them to know beforehand what type of fare a restaurant offers (allergies, diets such as Weight Watchers, vegans/vegetarians, aversions to seafood, etc.). Some people also might be looking for a specific type of restaurant with a certain ambiance, and they want to see some images of the establishment before they commit to dining there.

An informational site for your restaurant would certainly take care of the above problems. But wouldn't it be nice to be able to change the menu on your website as often as it changes in the restaurant? Price changes, daily or seasonal specials, new recipes...this package will allow you to change it all through an easy to use, password protected, web based user admin tool. What about scheduling reservations through your website? We can make this happen too.

Our Restaurant Web Design Package has the following key elements built specifically for the success of your restaurant:

  • Database driven
  • Password Protected Web Based User Admin Tool so you can add, remove, or modify menu items
  • Instantaneous changes to your menu items
  • Web form for users to request additional information or to schedule a reservation
  • Includes input for your first 15 menu items

Our entire Restaurant Web Design Package is affordably priced at $1,299 (hosting not included). Remember, this is a completely customized solution for your restaurant, guaranteed to include the above key elements.

Give your restaurant a huge advantage over the competition! Contact us today!


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